Who am I?

I am Kunwoo Park, a postdoctoral researcher at Data Science Laboratory of School of Computing, KAIST. I have research interests on tackling social problems by leveraging computational methods such as social network analysis and natural language processing. Advised by Prof. Meeyoung Cha, I recently got my PhD degree with the awarded dissertation (Title: Identification and analysis of key factors driving longevity in online social platforms).

I have published and presented related papers in top-tier CS conferences such as WWW, CSCW, ICWSM, and CIKM. I have served as a PC member in ICWSM and reviewed papers in several conferences and journals. Beside academic activities, I have also participated in several data challenges. In a recent challenge in Korea that aims to automatically detect fake news, I won the first place among college teams with a deep learning model.

I am currently looking for postdoc positions that may start around September, 2018. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in working with me or know other opportunities. [CV]